The current business world is extremely contentious. Now, meeting your clients’ expectations is not enough. You need to exceed them to stand out in the crowd.

If your customers are surfing the web at 4 A.M. in the morning with a fiery issue regarding your company, they await you to respond to it.

Usual working hours don’t matter a lot in the online world. What matters a lot is the way you handle the queries of your clients regarding your business.


However, before hiring staff to work in the graveyard shift, there is a simple and effective solution– Chatbots.

Designing a chatbot is like whipping coffee; it always requires the exact ingredients to prepare it, but slight variations to the method can change the entire outcome.

However, a recent study has revealed that 60% of participants state that bots are disappointing when it comes to solving their concerns, and that they 希望得到人类的支持 机器人来解决他们的查询。顾虑是真实的,但可能可以纠正此判断。

We will show you a few things you need to consider while designing a chatbot for your organization, which can satisfy the needs of your business and clients.




  1. 他们节省了您的时间和精力,并节省了从事定性工作的人力资源
  2. 自动化您的客户支持流程以进行相关查询
  3. 以最小的努力提高您的品牌价值
  4. 负担得起的开发成本
  5. 更好的用户互动
  6. 使用方便





因此,在为聊天机器人选择设计平台时,您将有两个选择–“ NLP”和“基于规则”。这些定义了您的聊天机器人在讨论中如何适应性和智能性。


For example, if a customer input includes words like ‘shop’ or ‘buy’, then send them a message with a list of products.


Presently, rule-based bots are a cheaper, quicker, and more efficient option. Furthermore, transparency regarding their function range encourages users to engage efficiently.




Will users need to type the query or just select from the available options? If they need to type the query, then which language do they use?



After deciding the preferred platform for your bot, you need to figure out the drawbacks and limitations of your platform.

Most of the rule-based platforms are based on multiple choice, without the opportunity to write unique answers.

You can guide the conversation in a particular direction through this platform, but you can’t compose proper answers to problems that may be asked during the conversation.

Moreover, a few platforms require input questions and their responses in a coded form, which needs knowledge and interest in coding to enjoy using them.

So, it’s better to select a thoroughly-tested platform as it has come along with comprehensive documentation on facilities and tools.

Furthermore, you can join various online communities and forums to know more about your platform. These platforms will help you in troubleshooting your issues effectively and quickly.



You can treat your bot as your digital employee and even enhance your brand image by providing it a friendly persona.

A recent study has revealed that users favor bots with human traits. A personalized and friendly answer by the bot can make your users’ chatting experience more positive.

Siri by Apple is one of the best examples of a humorous chatbot. It’s a sweet and friendly character initiated by the organization.

However, don’t impose humor unnecessarily to audiences that don’t want those features. A simplistic, helpful, and friendly bot is the best option for several brands.





If a bot usually asks indefinite questions like“what do you want to search?”, such type of conversation can turn into a guessing game.

The customer will get confused in deciding what a bot can do, and the bot will also get confused in presuming what the user expected.




A bot can’t handle every possible question, particularly when it comes to criticisms or unusual cases. That’s when a human assistant comes into the picture.

A frustrated user prefers human assistance to resolve the issue. So, while designing your bot, make it simple so it can switch from chatbot to human assistant.

The most sensible alternative is to combine the chatbot platform with your live chat platform to make conversation handovers quick, easy, and simple.


No matter how hard you try, there are a lot of things that are impossible to predict during the planning or designing phase.

If you start testing in the early phase, you will notice the places where the chatbot is lacking, even before the launch of the bot.

Furthermore, you will need a Live testing feature to perform this test. You can test every conversation or story created in the chatbot internally before its launch.



聊天机器人可以 成为您品牌的明智推动者。他们可以鼓励用户开始有关促销和交易的对话。

For example, after a user stayed on a webpage for more than 30 seconds, a bot can proactively prompt a message for a user stating– “Hey, just want you to know that today we are offering free shipping to the users on every order. Want a promo code?”

或者,您可以与他们分享特别优惠。例如,机器人可以提示 “嘿,我们有名牌服装在售吗?单击此处查看。”




That’s why it’s important to maintain a balance between replying to a user’s requirements and providing a complete service experience.



作者: 爱丽丝·杰克逊

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