How to Transfer Music from iPod到iTunes


Apple makes it easy to move songs on to your iPod from iTunes, and even through WiFi from the iTunes store. However, the ability to move songs from an iPod into a new iTunes library is more difficult. There are a few different ways that this can be done, though it is important to mention up front that this is difficult to do intentionally. The reason for this is because taking music 自由 of charge from iPods that belong to others is one form of piracy. Though this may seem like a victimless crime for some, the revenue from the CD sales and song downloads can often mean the difference between a career and a living for a lesser musician and having to do music only as a hobby. Assuming that the music you want was all purchased legally, however, here are some options:

1. Make sure all of your music purchases are through the iTunes store legally, and buy the more expensive version of the songs- they usually run $1.29 instead of $0.99, and in this form the rights for the music belong to you, and you are 自由 to share, distribute, and copy as much as you would like. In this case, all you need to do is search online for your downloads, and you can re-download them onto a computer, with or without an iPod. They remain on the cloud, so you can re-download them as many times as you want, and keep up to five copies of iTunes registered at a time.

2.您可以购买许多iPod翻录软件配置。尽管其中一些是免费的,但另一些则花费很少。这些软件包可以通过谷歌搜索找到“iPod to iTunes”。例如,其中包括Wondershare,Macroplant和TouchCopy。选择软件公司的一些技巧:首先,请确保您没有’请下载带有iPod翻录软件的免费副本的其他软件。通常,间谍软件和特洛伊木马程序会附带一些其他内容“free”,它们会减慢您的进度,并有可能从您的计算机中窃取信息,尤其是您的浏览习惯,这些信息可以出售给数据收集和广告代理商。如果选择一种,请确保您的病毒程序是最新的,并阅读有关所购买产品的详细信息。如果可以的话,请选择BBB认证的企业,因为您更有机会保护计算机。


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