Did 您 know that a lot of countries have 奇怪的国际法?

It’s easy to get in trouble in a foreign country if 您 don’不了解其法律和文化传统。一些法律几个世纪以来都没有改变过,对现代游客来说相当可笑(或危险!)。

Not being aware of them can cause some serious problems during the holidays. If spending a lot of money on fines or going to prison is not on 您r list of vacation activities, then 您’我必须事先做一些阅读。

Here is a collection of the odd laws some of 您r travel destinations have.




在里面 英国 , responding to the 住户咨询表 is by far more important than visiting old parents. In case 您 forget or choose not to do it, 您’ll have to pay a $1,300 fine. Moreover, if 您 provide some false information, 您 can face a fine of $6,500 or even spend time in prison.


In case 您 like eating apples, 您 have to be very careful in the 英国 . 唐’甚至不考虑开车时吃一个。这样做可能会损失40美元或更多。一个女人因在车上享用多汁的水果而被罚款80美元的双重警告是一个告诫。

唐’t shake the doormat

现在让’s say 您’ve enjoyed 您r stay in the 英国 and decided to relocate there. Listen carefully as this is an extremely important piece of information. According to the local laws, one can shake a doormat up only until 8 a.m.

您现在可能会微笑,但让’s see 您 smiling they ask 您 to pay a $1,300 fine. The consequences of not abiding to this law can lead 您 to a prison sentence. This law is a part of Town Police Clauses Act 1847 and still applies.



Germans are famous for their admiration of order and discipline. They seem to plan everything ahead and want the tourists to do the same. Check twice if 您 have enough gasoline to reach 您r destination as it is not legal to run out of it on autobahn (German highway). You are also not allowed to walk along it. The fine is $90.


我们经常不’意识到我们没有两种形式的幸运“you”用英语– formal and informal. 在里面 German language, there is a huge difference between these forms (“Du” or “Sie”) and 您 have to be careful using them. If 您 address a policeman using the informal “you”, be ready to pay a fine of 600 euros. To avoid the misunderstanding, download a translation app before 您r journey.

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If 您 are in 丹麦 and decide to rent a car, there is one important rule 您 should know. According to one local law, a driver needs to drive a vehicle with headlights on all the time. It doesn’不管是阳光明媚还是’s raining. If 您 don’t do it, 您’ll have to pay $100.


唐’t eat and sightsee

Why do most of the tourists come to 意大利 ? To explore the beauty of the architecture and to eat, of course. But here is a tip for 您 – don’t try to combine those two in one activity. You will probably be forced to pay a fine for eating or drinking while sitting on the church steps or near a public building. Eat 您r pizza somewhere else and enjoy the remarkable buildings on an empty stomach.


What can be more romantic than driving a car in 意大利 with the love of 您r life and kissing? Getting in a car accident is certainly not. The police of the Italian city named Eboli thinks so too and will ask 您 to pay a fine of £415 for kissing in a car.


无论您多么爱狗,在每个灰色多雨的早晨,当您走路时,这种感觉都会开始消失。如果您住在意大利都灵,就无法逃脱这种酷刑。法律规定,狗的主人每天必须walk狗三次。无法做到的罚款令人印象深刻–$ 650。不过,目前尚不清楚当局如何找到它。除非你的邻居把你交出来?



The next thing 您 have to do after renting a car in 法国 is buying a Breathalyzer. A driver is allowed to drink no more than one glass of wine and should be ready to test the alcohol level. You can buy a Breathalyzer almost in any supermarket.


One more thing 您 should not do in 法国 is naming a pig Napoleon. Or maybe 您 can avoid paying a fine so long as 您 don’公开称呼它。



The hot sun and the refreshing sea might get 您 in a bikini mood. But if 您 wear just the bikini and nothing else on the streets of Barcelona, 您 will get into trouble. You can enjoy 您rself on the beach but change the outfit afterward. Not following this fashion requirement will lead 您 to paying a fine.



现在,让’到遥远的地方旅行– the city of Adelaide in 澳大利亚 . The common practice of posting flyers of a missing pet we have in the US is prohibited here. The reason for such a strange law is that the person who is responsible for stealing a pet from 您 will be able to avoid any kind of punishment and even receive a reward for it. 唐’t help the criminals and 您 won’不必支付380美元的罚款。


One more thing 您 should avoid while staying in 澳大利亚 is singing. You can get a fine of $190 for singing songs that contain swear words. There is no way 您 can avoid the fine even if it’s 您r favorite song 您 are singing.




You are a brave person if 您’ve decided to visit 新加坡 . There are so many fines 您 can get here! For instance, 您 should never use someone else’s Wi-Fi. You’我们将被指控黑客攻击并被罚款10,000美元或入狱。


Are 您 familiar with the icky feeling of using a public toilet? The people of 新加坡 feel 您r pain and force everyone who does not flush to pay a $150 fine.


If 您’re thinking about starting a business of selling chewing gum, 您 are not welcome to 新加坡 . It’s been almost 15 years since it was banned and selling it now will cause 您 a lot of problems. The fine of $100,000 is one of them.


唐’t feed pigeons no matter how much they ask 您 to with their eyes full of tears. If 您 do, be ready to pay $500.


Smokers will have a hard time in 新加坡 . It is not allowed to smoke in public places or vehicles and to cross the border with cigarettes. The fine can go up to $760. You can enjoy a cigarette only in 您r own home.


Whatever 您 do, don’油漆涂鸦。您可能会因为这种情况而被迫入狱“vandalism”在新加坡。有几例游客因这种艺术而陷入困境。



Do 您 remember the last time 您’ve visited 您r parents? We are all busy people but there should be no excuse for adult children to ignore their parents. The Chinese government thinks the same and introduced a law which makes it illegal not to visit 您r parents.



The best tip 您 can get when traveling to the 马尔代夫 is leaving 您r Bible at home. Importing the Holy book into the country is offensive to its people as the only religion that can be publicly recognized is Islam.



All the selfie lovers, this one is for 您. If 您 happen to be in 哈萨克斯坦 airport and want to capture this glorious moment on 您r camera, stop. It’在机场及其附近的任何地方拍照都是违法的。另外,避免在官方和军事建筑物前拍照。





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If 您 are a married woman in La Paz, 玻利维亚 , 您 may drink only one glass of wine in a bar or restaurant. The reasoning behind this law is that women tend to behave inappropriately after drinking more than that. And it may be the ground for a husband to ask for a divorce.


唐’t leave home without 您r underwear!


You are finally on 您r vacation and want to hit it off, we understand. But there is one thing 您 have to avoid in 泰国 . 唐’t leave 您r home without wearing 您r underwear. We don’t know how the police will check if 您 have it on or not. But it’s better if 您 do just in case.

What did 您 think of these 奇怪的国际法? Remember, if 您 are traveling, make sure to do some reading on the country 您 are visiting to avoid hassles or worse.